Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can't you just have a Cryonic Suspension after a "natural" death in the usual way?:

There are significant problems with that scenario and in any case, I believe it is a human right to have control over my own life and the timing of my death. More later . .

  • Since a physical revival from a Cryonic Suspension is unlikely, aren't you just asking for Voluntary Euthanasia?:

No. More later . .

  • Isn't it "un-natural" to want to live longer than "normal"?:

No. More later . .

  • Isn't there a contradiction about complaining about overpopulation and wanting longer life spans?:

No. More later . .

  • Won't technology solve all the worlds problems?:

No. More later . .

  • You will need to change the legal definition of death - isn't doing that like opening a Pandora's Box?:

Possibly but maybe not necessarily. More later . .

  • Isn't decoding the information in the brain pie-in-the-sky?:

No but it will require major advances in technology - on the same scale as the advances in DNA sequencing in the last couple of decades. More later . .